Author Manuscript Check list
Final checklist for manuscript submission
 ☐ The manuscript must be typed double-spaced with a font size of 10 point, and with 2.5 centimeter (1 inch) wide margins on each side of A4 paper (210 mm * 297 mm). Each page must be numbered serially from the cover.
 ☐ The manuscript should be arranged in the following sequence: 1) Title Page, 2) Abstract and Key Words, 3) Introduction, 4) Materials and Methods, 5) Results, 6) Discussion, 7) References, 8) Tables, 9) Figures, and 10) Figure Legends.

Checklist for formatting of the manuscript
 1) Title Page
 ☐ The title page should contain the title of an article, full names of authors, institutional affiliation(s), and running head.
 ☐ If several authors and institutions are listed, the affiliated department and institution of each author should be clearly indicated using superscript numbers in sequence.
 ☐ Address for correspondence should include the correct name of corresponding author, address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address.
 ☐ Information concerning source(s) of support including grants, equipment, drugs, and/or other support that facilitated conduct of the work should be described in the title page.
 2) Abstract and Key Words
 ☐ Provide an English abstract of not more than 250 words.
 ☐ Use the following headings; Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. Conclusion should include succinct statement of data interpretation.
 ☐ Key words (5 words maximum) should be used from the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) list of Index Medicus (
 ☐ Only first letter of key words should be capitalized.
 3) Main Text
 ☐ The main text should be written clearly and concisely. Spelling and spacing should be verified.
 ☐ The background and the purpose of the study should be clearly provided in “Introduction”.
 ☐ The explanation of the experimental methods should be concise and sufficient for repetition by other qualified investigators.
 ☐ When reporting the use of reagents or machine, indicate the name of company, city, state, country of origin.
 ☐ Method of statistical analyses and the criteria for determining significance levels should be described.
 ☐ Tables, figures, or photos should be used only when necessary without repeating all the data in the text.
 ☐ In the “Discussion”, repetition of the contents in the introduction and results should be avoided.
 4) References
 ☐ Citing redundancy should be avoided.
 ☐ The description of the references should follow the JLA instruction.
 5) Tables, Figures
 ☐ Begin each table, figure or figure legend on a separate page.
 ☐ Provide a table title or figure legend in English.
 ☐ Symbols should be marked in the following order: *, †, ‡, §, ‖, ¶, **, ††, ‡‡, §§, ‖‖, ¶¶
 6) Ethical Considerations
 ☐ Studies including human subjects or human data must be reviewed and approved by a responsible institutional review board
 ☐ Animal experiments should be reviewed and approved by an appropriate committee (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) for the care and use of animals.
 7) Conflict of interest
 ☐ The authors should inform the Editor of potential conflicts of interest that could influence their interpretation of data.